?What Phones Can't Be Tracked

If you're worried about stalkers or cybercriminals, there are ways to make your phone untraceable.

Applications or websites that request your location data or use other personal data without your consent can violate your privacy.

To keep your phone secure, disable location services and disable GPS. Furthermore, power down Wi-Fi and cellular radios to stop them from sending data.

?What Are Cell Simulators

Cell simulators, also referred to as international mobile subscriber identity catchers (IMSI catchers) or stingrays, are widely used around the world to track down suspects and spy on their communications. They have the capacity to intercept calls, text messages and data as well as spoof the phone number of an innocent bystander.

Technology has long been a contentious issue, with both judicial and legislative branches struggling to comprehend how these devices function. Now, lawmakers in the United States are looking to tighten regulations regarding the use of these surveillance tools.

Senator Ron Wyden and Representative Ted Lieu introduced legislation to end the secrecy surrounding Stingrays and other devices that imitate cell towers. It also sets forth guidelines for when police can use this technology without a warrant, such as when responding to bomb threats.

?Why Is It Important To Enforce Stingrays

Cell site simulators, also referred to as stingrays, act like cell towers and can collect data from nearby phones. With this knowledge, they are able to track the location and identity of targeted cell phones.

They can collect data on millions of other phones, even those belonging to innocent bystanders. This practice has generated controversy and many agencies are keeping details about its use under wraps.

Law enforcement officials have used stingrays to track suspects' phones, but it has also been claimed they have been utilized for non-criminal activities. Stingrays have been accused of collecting data on protesters and other individuals without warrants, for example.

?What Is Important About Passwords

Phones may be the most ubiquitous electronic device, yet they're not designed with privacy and security in mind. That leaves them open to malware attacks, carrier snooping, and unwanted software bundled with apps.

Fortunately, you can significantly lessen the likelihood of device tracking by taking a few easy steps. By doing so, you'll gain control over your data and stop companies from collecting it.

One of the simplest methods to protect yourself from phone tracking is using passwords. Instead of relying on a swipe or PIN number, create an intricate password with multiple characters for maximum protection of your personal data.

?Does Turning Off Location Services Help Encryption

Many smartphone applications rely on location services to run properly. This includes GPS-based apps like Google Maps and Uber, as well as some popular fitness tracking programs.

But turning off your smartphone's location services can help safeguard your personal information. It also prevents apps and ad companies from tracking your movements without your knowledge.

Android phone users: open up settings and tap "Location Services." From there, select which app you wish to disable.

When using an app, there are usually three options to select from: Always, While Using the App and Never. The latter option is important as it prevents the app from reading your location even when you aren't actively using it.

iPhone users can disable location services by going to Settings and scrolling down to Privacy. Apple's built-in features, like Find My iPhone and Emergency Calls, require location access in order to function.

Tracking your phone with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS is possible. While these technologies can be beneficial, they also leave your data vulnerable to prying eyes and others who wish to know where you are located.

Many apps and websites will track your location, activity and use of apps and services unless you give them permission to do so. This poses serious privacy risks when considering how much personal data these businesses collect and sell without your consent.

Thankfully, there are a number of steps you can take to virtually guarantee that your phone won't be tracked. One such measure is turning off its cellular connection.

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